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We recommend a relative rest model to minimize tissue aggravation, loss of skills, endurance, and strength. Returning to a full practice and production schedule will occur once all the tissue is healing and viable to tolerate the rigors of the art.


Instrument Analysis is either completed live in the clinic or via a videotaped session of you in your studio space. Bring the instrument, arts supplies, and writing tools so we can analyze your working postures and positions, primary movement patterns and coordination demands in the first visit. We will use the information to customize the treatment plan so you can return to your art sooner than later.


Standard of Care that is provided is evidence based treatment from the fields and research in Occupational Therapy, Hand Therapy, Performing Arts Medicine, Ergonomics, and Sports Medicine.


Stretching & Strengthening routine is customized to the type of instrument/art. The demands of a violinist, a drummer, and a sculptor are all different and need specific exercises to support the particular demands.


Activity & Instrument Modifications are suggested to minimize further trauma and address the negative leverage points that weaken endurance, strength, and coordination. For example we use moldable plastic to widen/angle thumb rests, working out the particulars before you have one made by an instrument technician.

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